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 Specials all at Reliance tailors
Specials all at Reliance tailors


Reliance Tailors is a family business situated in Roodepoort, Gauteng, specialising in personal tailoring services. Established in 1958, we have many years of experience in the tailoring industry that provide superior quality products and services.

What to keep in mind when choosing a tailor:

A truly competent tailor should interview you, rather than the other way around. He should ask you questions about your lifestyle and what sort of person you are. What career have you chosen and what are your short-and long-term goals? What kind of office environment do you work in, with what sort of dress code? What image do you wish to project about yourself- today and in the future?

A tailor worthy of your trust should ask these questions because he or she should be more interested in you, and working together to achieve a style that works for you, than the size of your wallet. Finally, a prospective tailor should determine if it's really necessary to make you a true custom garment. Are you difficult to fit? Can he make some minor alterations through a vendor's made-to-measure program before suggesting the time and expense of true custom? If you've agreed that money is no object, then your tailor is free to work with you on selecting fabric, cut, and style that will make your clothing a true work of art that will stand the test of time. In reality most men, even if they're difficult to fit, can buy off-the-rack or made-to-measure tailored clothing.

When you consider the design of Tailoring as an art, you don't overlook details lightly. That is why designer garments reflect a passionate attention to detail. From perfectly matched, well-proportioned and fitted linings, to the finest trimmings available, no detail is overlooked.

The world's finest fabrics are carefully selected to live up to our name. We carry a range of English, Italian all wool, Superfine wool, worsteds, Cashmere, Flannels, Tweeds, Wool blends, linens, cotton, pure silks & etc...

So if you are looking for tailoring services in Roodepoort, contact the industry leaders at Reliance Tailors today!

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